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A Department of Sakakawea Medical Center, serving Mercer, Oliver and portions of Dunn Counties since 1996.

Hospice is a program of care and support for patients and families coping with terminal illness. Our program is designed to enhance and expand the existing support system of the family. With the assistance of hospice, families are able to be closer to their loved one and assist with more of the necessary care. The program advocates home care, with pain management and symptom control, enabling the patient to have the best quality of life possible within their disease limits.

For more information, contact the Hospice office at: 7017487380

Home is wherever the patient calls home i.e.: KRCC, SMC, Senior Suites.

Family and friends are emotionally prepared for the loss of a loved one and supported for a year following death. Our main concern is the management of the disease in such a way that our patients live until they die.

Hospice Provides

Hospice Criteria

To receive Hospice Services, a patient must have:

Hospice referrals may be initiated by patients, family members, friends or health care professionals.

Sakakawea Hospice — Community Support

Most major insurance companies have a Hospice benefit. Medicare reimburses Hospice at different rates depending on the level of care the patient and family are receiving. Typically the coverage is less than the actual expense of the palliative care given. Because of this, a Hospice program is dependent on continual community support to survive.

A caring community is what makes a Hospice program successful. The community typically donates 25% of the cost of the Hospice program. These donations help with program expenses not covered by insurance and covers care for people without insurance. The community provides the volunteers that assist with Hospice team. Sakakawea Hospice educates the community concerning Hospice services, death, dying, grief, coping with loss and provides information on advanced directives (Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney).

Sakakawea Hospice — Fundraisers

Thanks to all the businesses and individuals that help Sakakawea Hospice with our fundraising efforts. Please let these businesses and individuals know how much you appreciate the support they provide.