Sakakawea Medical Center

Social Services

People Matter!

Health problems can complicate your life in many ways. Sakakawea Medical Center’s social worker assists and supports the patient and the patient’s family with adjustments to the impacts of illness and/or hospitalization.

At Sakakawea Medical Center, the social worker is a vital team member in the development of a comprehensive patient plan of care, and participates in patient care conferences with family members and staff, acting as a liaison to be certain everyone understands the plan of care.

In conjunction, social services will assist the patient in receiving the maximum benefits from the health care services provided by assisting with needs upon discharge, as well as making appropriate referrals to other service providers in the community on behalf of the patient.

Sakakawea Medical Center’s Social Services is available to all patients and their families free of charge. Your physician or nurse may refer you or you can request to see the Social Worker by calling 7017482225, between 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

COMMUNITY AGENCIES — Sakakawea Medical Center Social Services can put you in touch with many community agencies, including

REFERRAL TO FINANCIAL PROGRAMS — Sakakawea Medical Center Social Services will provide assistance for financial difficulties by locating the appropriate resources for the patient and their families. Some of these resources could include

SUPPORT SERVICES — Illness and treatment can add stress to your life. Sakakawea Medical Center’s social worker provides counseling and support services to patients and their families, including

DISCHARGE PLANNING SERVICES — Sakakawea Medical Center’s social worker helps you through the discharge process, arranging